YeP* is a duo formed by sound designer and composer Yan Volsy and poly-instrumentist and composer Pablo Pico.

With a classical training as a percussionist, Pablo also plays drums, piano, clarinet... He composed soundtracks for almost fifty movies, and collaborated with artists such as the pianist Alexandre Tharaud, the hip-hop artist Oxmo Pucino, the singer Gerald Genty.


After university studies, Yan specialized in music and sound design, working on numerous soundtracks for theater plays, video games and documentaries. He met the world of animation production in 2006, then he's been involved in a hundred projects.

Since their meeting during a French workshop in 2011, Yan and Pablo regularly worked together, untill they form the duo YeP, wich is well considered for his complementarity and versality.

In 2018 they've been distinguished for the music of the feature movie Un Homme est Mort at the Emile Awards (European Animation Awards), and for the music of the short movie Grands Canons at the Festival des Notes et des Toiles.

Both of them are collaborating with renowned animation schools as Les Gobelins, La Poudrière or The Animation Workshop.

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